egg in a bottle Do you ever wonder how forces work to move things from one spot to another without anyone touching? It can be a neat trick to know some science to amaze your friends. This “Egg in a Bottle” experiment is as simple as knowing how air molecules act when they are hot and when they are cold and how air pressure is affected. Science is amazing!

Click on the picture for the complete experiment and video.

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chem demoEver wondered if those cleaning products you see on the infomercials really work? Do stains really disappear like magic? What is the secret behind those little white OxiClean® crystals? The OxiClean science demonstration presented by Steve Spangler in this segment was a version that he originally created for the makers of OxiClean in 1997 as part of a touring educational program called the Science of Clean. Read the OxiClean experiment to learn about the science behind these magic cleaning crystals.

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 instant freezeDid you ever open a soda bottle to have it freeze instantly?  Maybe you put the soda in the freezer for a few minutes, when you took the soda out of the freezer, it was still a liquid (nothing unusual happened just yet). However, the second you twist off the cap, the soda instantly freezes!

This is an amazing process to watch.  Learn the science behind it here and watch the video below.

Instant Freeze – Soda Ice

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menthosMentos Geyser… a Diet Coke Explosion

Wow!  What could the science behind this powerful reaction between soda and mentos be?  Clearly something in the mentos is releasing carbon dioxide in the soda all at one time.  The question is how and why.  The answer might be more clear if you tried dropping other things into soda.  What happens when you drop ice cream into soda?  Salt? Steve Spangler has some more ideas on his website.

To watch the video, click on the picture above or this link ”- Watch the Original Mentos Geyser Video

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 Flying Toilet Paper Experiment

This experiment is a wonderful example of Bernoulli’s Principle, the same principle that allows heavier-than-air objects like airplanes to fly.  Bernoulli found that the faster air flows over the surface of something, the less the air pushes on that surface (and so the lower its pressure). The air from the hair dryer flows around the outside of the ping pong ball and if you position the ball carefully, the air flows evenly around each side. Gravity pulls the ball downwards while the pressure below the ball from the moving air forces it upwards. This means that all the forces acting on the ball are balanced and the ball hovers in mid air.  Amazing science!!  Make sure you know the science behind your experiment.  Have fun!

Click on the picture above to go to the Steve Spangler page, then click the “watch the video” link.

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Hello 7th Graders!

Welcome to your Science Fair Project! Other than the frog dissection (coming soon), this is the part of your year that you will remember the best!

Over the next week, I will put on this website all of the information you will need to complete a top notch Science Fair Project. This is a major portion of your 4th quarter grade so give it your best effort!

You can find the project description and the abstract forms HERE I will add other forms, such as the rubric, as soon as you need them (and as soon as I finish).

This year you will have an option of choosing two different ways to participate. Some people can’t work at home or perhaps they don’t have the resources or maybe they just don’t want to find and perform an experiment, make a display board and present to the class. You may choose to pick option 2! With this option students do not have to work at home, perform an experiment or present to the class. The trade off is that option 2 students can only earn a grade of “C.” Think carefully before you choose this option because you cannot change back once you have submitted your signed form. We are doing this to make sure that only those students that are committed to giving their best work will be in the Science Fair. Last year there were many displays that students were unable to explain and quality was less than usual. I hope that everyone choses option 1 and completes the full Science Fair Project! Option 2 is provided for you as an alternative. Whichever one you choose, I know this will be a fun experience!

Click on the links in the right sidebar or the picture above to go to the Ms. Phoenix Science Fair Page for lots more ideas and information.

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